Iliad: Heroes of Troy


spread2Escape Velocity Games presents

Iliad: Heroes of Troy

a game by Angelo Nikolaou

Relive the classic poem by Homer in this epic card game

2-4 players | 30 minutes | Ages 12+

Iliad is a simple, yet surprisingly deep, game of 32 cards.  The cards represent major characters of the epic poem. Players will engage one another in battle, prove their piety, smite their foes, and guide the Heroes of Troy.



At the beginning of the game, players will choose a faction (Greeks, Trojans, or Gods). Each turn, a player selects one card from their hand to play and then activate an ability (three choices per card). Nine abilities allow players to manipulate cards, earn victory points, or steal them from an opponent. Clever managing of your hand and wise choice of which ability to trigger can make all the difference. The round ends when a player has no more cards in their hand, points are added up, and the Trojan Horse is revealed. Who will win the siege of Troy?

“A very sweet and charming, fast playing little card game… It’s sharp, it’s fun!”Richard Ham, Rhado Runs Through

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Iliad: Heroes of Troy
Iliad: Heroes of Troy
Deluxe Edition, $20 + $9 shipping & handling

Iliad: Heroes of Troy + Les Miserables: Eve of Rebellion
Iliad: Heroes of Troy + Les Miserables: Eve of Rebellion
Deluxe Editions, $40 + 9 shipping & handling

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