Formula V


Escape Velocity Games presents

Formula V
(working title)

a game by Steven Cole

Race around the track, shoot everyone in your way, plan your moves carefully, and pilot your way to victory!

2-6 players – 90 minutes – Ages 12+


Have you ever wanted to play Mario Kart… in space? Formula V features vector based movement and an impossible to manage fusion reactor. Players will race around the track, shooting and grappling everything they can while trying not to suffer too much damage from a reactor approaching meltdown.

Each turn, players plan their moves using a simple implementation of vector based movement, decide how to distribute their energy (between thrust, equipment, and weapons), and figure out when to hit the overdrive button for a massive acceleration boost.

Who will win the race, and who will be left in the space dust?


Formula V is still a prototype, but it is progressing rapidly!  To learn more about Formula V, please feel free to contact us.  Or, sign up for our mailing list for updates!

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