Conquest of Orion

Conquest of Orion Front

Escape Velocity Games presents

Conquest of Orion

a game by Steven Cole

ORION – yours to conquer. Once just a distant constellation, Orion is now being explored and colonized. Lead your alliance to victory!

4 players (optional 3-player variant) – 60 minutes – Ages 12+

Conquest of Orion is now available (click here)!  

Conquest of Orion is a 4 player card game of galactic conquest played in teams of 2.  It is played in less than an hour in 3 rounds of 3 phases:

  • Setup – deal cards to players, pick leaders
  • Conflict – play 10 hands of cards to win planets, colonies, and industries
  • Scoring – form systems and count points

Check out the videos for a game overview and read the Conquest of Orion Rules.  3-Player Variant Rules coming soon!

Conquest of Orion Back

Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower reviews Conquest of Orion and gives it the Dice Tower Seal of Approval!

Bower’s Game Corner gave Conquest of Orion a big thumbs up! (Prototype shown)