Coin & Crown


 Escape Velocity Games presents

Coin & Crown

a game by Steven Aramini and Janice Baker

An empire-building card game for conquerors and builders.

 2-4 players | 30-60 minutes | Ages 12+

In Coin & Crown, you and up to three opponents to control an ancient civilization, vying for power as you build up your troops and resources to conquer and cultivate as many lands as possible.

Each turn, you will draw coins from your coin purse for income, which can be spent as you see fit. What will you do with your limited wealth? Buy new resources? Harvest existing ones? Recruit new troops? Construct buildings to improve productivity? Donate to the church? Enhance your coin draw by exchanging with the Imperial Mint? Reserve money for next year?

It will take careful planning to grow your army and advance your empire! Every decision you make will help toward gaining Victory Points, with the winner being the player who has the most points by game end. Are you ready to reign?

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