Classic Novel Microgame Contest Winner

The Classic Novel Microgame Contest is done!  And the winner is…


Iliad is a quick card game by Angelo Nikolaou based on Homer’s classic epic poem.

Players: 2-4  |  Time: 15-20


Iliad is a simple yet deep game of 31 cards.  The cards represent major characters of the poem, as well as the Trojan Horse, and they include flavor text linked to the original story.

At the beginning of the game each player chooses a faction (Greeks or Trojans, with the inclusion of Gods for 3 players). When playing with 4 players, it becomes a team game.

Gameplay is simple and can be taught in minutes. Each turn, a player picks one card from their hand to play and then activates an ability printed on that card (3 choices). There are nine abilities that enable you to manipulate cards in your hand or your opponent’s hand, earn victory points, or steal them from an opponent.  The game ends when a player has no more cards in his hand, at which point the surprise factor of the Trojan Horse awards a few extra points.

Clever managing of your hand and wise choice of which ability to trigger can help you triumph over your opponents!

Angelo Nikolaou’s Iliad scored great on the judging criteria and was a hit with playtesters. Congratulations to Angelo!

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